Fun times

Hi again, yesterday morning I sketched this out. Some one said this looks like my wife, I guess it sorta does with her hair.... and she does have a t shirt just like that. Maybe my subconscious memory was kicking in...

Environment study 1

Hi everyone, this is just a little environment sketch that I did this morning. I like doing these in between Ideas. I find painting environments very relaxing.

The Covenant

Here is the Final Piece


Welcome back from the weekend ! here is a quick post of my work in progress on this piece. I had to change the anatomy a bit because it was off. it is good to step back from your work every now and then and go back to it to get a new perspective on composition. sometimes I get to caught up in the work that I dont step back enough and let it go for a bit and end up making mistakes. This is something that I am trying to do more of, is to have more patience and come back to the Painting later. Classical painting forces you to do this while letting the paint dry a bit and come back to your canvas later on. with digital you can go on and on and on. Well I hope you like it so far. I can only work on it bits at a time cause of other Job duties. I guess I can let my digital canvas dry a bit.

Obrian s Commercial

This is some art from a commercial that Nicole and I worked on. Nicole did character design and I did animation and layouts boards and color. It was a fun project to work on and I think it turned out well. 
I hope you enjoy it.

Redeem WIP

Hello, this is my work in progress to an idea I had about redemption. I hope you enjoy it. It may seem a little dark but ill try to work on that as I go along.