Old stuff

This is a lil old painting that I dug up to chuck on our good ol blog.

More Studies

Hello out there, here is another tone study that I did yesterday. It took me about 3.5 hours to do. I trying to time my self to around 2 hours to get as much detail with the simplest brush strokes I can get. It is not easy and I am not a master that is for sure, but I want to achieve my goal and be able to capture solid form and light with as little effort as possible. So hence these studies when I get the time.

I hope you enjoy.
Here are some painting studies. Each one took me about 2 hours to do.

Here is the Final Painting.


This is a work in progress that I am painting from Nicole's original sketch. I really want to push the contrast between colors. I am blocking in some hot and warm colors and hopefully get the contrast that I want with the character. We hope you like it !